The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Times advises Putin Essentially advising Russian President Vlad Putin to follow the French path of negotiating with terrorists and leaping through their hoops, the New York Times' editorial staff has has demanded that Putin begin negotiation with the Chechen terrorists.
[T]he terrorists' tactics harden the feelings of the Russian public, diminish international sympathy for them and make innocent Chechens the target of suspicion and fear.
How many Chechens support the actions of the terrorists? Any Chechen who does not express horror over what the mutants do and call on the mutants to stop is complicit in the terror.
[U]nless he now opens a serious negotiating channel with legitimate Chechen leaders outside the Moscow-backed puppet government, things can only get worse.
I don't know how these Chechen leaders attained their legitimacy, and if they do not condemn and forswear the mutant terror, they cannot be considered legitimate and any negotiation with them. Remember, the terror will not stop after successful negotiations.

The mutants must be eliminated before any peace can be achieved. The Times, I'm afraid, has it again backwards. 
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