The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Russian school update Russian authorities now believe there may be hundreds more children, parents and teachers being held hostage at a school in southern Russia than originally thought, CNN Correspondent Ryan Chilcote says.
The revised figure comes after tense negotiations with the hostage-takers saw 26 women and children – some of them infants – released from the school Thursday. Security forces in military fatigues carried the children to safety.
Chilcote, reporting from the scene Friday, said one freed hostage says more than a thousand people are inside the school.
The earlier estimate of those being held hostage by armed attackers was 350.
But as the siege enters its third day, authorities believe the figure may be hundreds more than that.
Chilcote said a figure of 1,000 to 1,200 people was also consistent with what relatives waiting outside the school have told him.
Logic and Sanity says that there weren’t 354 hostages, as initially reported, but 354 families. He’s also got some reports from the Russian sources that I’m not seeing in the mainstream media, including reports that two of those wearing bombs had blown themselves up.
[update 6:30 EDT] Just heard a radio report (quoting TASS) that commandos have taken over the school. Looking for online confirmation. I’d heard previous reports of some hostages escaping and troops storming the school but can’t find any confirmation (yet) that they’ve actually taken over.
[update 7:50] Seems the commandos have taken over but there’s some fighting still continuing and I’m hearing (radio) reports that some of the terrorists might have escaped (with or without hostages). Fog of war… I’ll update if I hear anything definite.
[update] Fox is confirming. Thanks to Ken for the link.
Laughing Wolf iscovering Russian sources while waiting for Stan of Logic and Sanity to reawaken.
Logic and Sanity is back to posting updates, check there for more from the Russian wires.
From Logic and Sanity, at least 9 of the terrorists were Arab. He’s also got pictures (I wouldn’t say extremely graphic, but if you have a very weak stomach, don’t look). Scan through the comments for some news and updates by the commentors, too.
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Comment by Ken Summers — 3 Sep, 2004 @ 07:09

Unconfirmed reports on radio that a dozen or so escaped. Some holed up in a house now being shelled by tanks. Also unconfirmed: some of the escapees carried children and shot them as they escaped. Bastards.
Comment by Ken Summers — 3 Sep, 2004 @ 09:14

I’ve posted what I could earlier from Russian sites, but thank Ifni Logic and Sanity is back up and doing an excellent job.
Comment by Laughing Wolf — 3 Sep, 2004 @ 10:35
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