The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Russian hostage crisis I Woke Up To This I woke up this morning to the horrible images from Russia -- dozens of children, undressed, wounded. Then I listened to the broadcaster, who was near the line of fire, and bombs exploding in the background.

The Glittering Eye blog has a timeline. Allah In In The House has details from a rescued hostage. Sofia Sideshow has an article which states that Al-Qaeda Financed Seizure of Russian Hostages, also from the BBC: 20 hostage-takers had died in exchanges of fire with troops, at least nine of them Arabs. More updates at Logic & Sanity.

It doesn't stop there. Female terrorist disguised as nurse seized at Beslan's hospital, from Novinite press agency.

To me there's only there's one issue in this election: the war. After the Russian massacre news, they had election coverage. Listening to Kerry (why is his hair black now?) try to make a midnight speech where he brought up -- yet again -- a war from 30 years ago nearly gave me a fit of frustration. The war that matters is the war we're in now. As Lilkes said the other day
As an former Democrat myself, I understand exactly the roots of his [Zell Miller's] exasperation. Look, over in Roosia y’all got a hunnert Islamic terrorists holdin’ schoolkids hostage with bomb belts, and they’d do it here in a heartbeat, and they might probably will. So can we talk about spendin’ federal money on carvin’ up embryos later?

To quote Belmont Club
Swear then by all the children you could not save that the next dead little one will not be yours. Wrong. Swear then that you will defeat them whatever it takes and into whatever hell you must go. 
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