The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Nazi to Terrorist "Nazi" was to mid-20th Century Germany what "Terrorist" is to Modern Islam

Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities has posted some comments about a recent article on the terrorism in Russia, and elsewhere. I strongly encourage its reading.

These alone are responsible for their own reputations. It took three elements to provide the perfect storm of a Nazi holocaust: a passive and naïve world, a passive and apathetic German populous and a belligerent, driven Nazi party (along with those who funded it).

And the same held true for the infection of world wide Communism.

Likewise we find today that it takes these same three elements to provide the perfect storm of an Islamofascist holocaust: a passive and naïve world, a passive and apathetic Islamic populous (who collectively call themselves one nation) and a belligerent, driven set of Islamofascist organizations (along with those who fund them).

The only power the free world has is to not be passive and naïve. If the Islamic populous chooses to remain passive and apathetic, then they become part of the problem and as such have written their own death warrants either as the victims of their own extremists are as collateral in the war that wages around them aimed at those to whom they give refuge.

If the Islamic world at large does not stand up to the tyranny among them, then they have cast their lots therewith and their blood is on their own hands. We however in the free world, must fight and defend our right to exist and to be free.

The free world can and must therefore use every tool at their disposal to rid the world of this scourge on humanity and its conscience. If we do not win this battle, they will most assuredly not stop until each and every one of us has been murdered.

In a speech many years ago former US President Ronald Reagan once challenged the free world to face up to the worthy task then before them: To consign tyranny to the rubbish heap of history and thus guarantee for our children a world of freedom and peace or ourselves be faced with the worst kind of fate- one we would know our children would suffer.

“You and I have a rendezvous with Destiny. We’ll preserve for our children the last, best hope of men on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.”

“The story isn’t over: you in the audience are part of the conflict.”


'Can We Shoot the Dogs?'
A sad, personal perspective from the Russian school hostage tragedy c/o the Moscow Times

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