The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  It shouldn’t be all that confusing, should it? Filed under: Islamism Middle East Media bias— Jason Hayes @ 10:46 am
I know that the politically correct, mainstream media is a little too friendly with the Palestinian terrorists and might be embarassed if they had to admit their friends and the people they support were involved in terrorist activities. However, what happened in Russia and what is happening on a daily basis in Israel / Palestine, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and a host of other countries cannot be mistaken for anything moral or appropriate.

Despite the media’s attempts to cover up the horror of what Islamist terrorists are doing in the name of their “god", these people are terrorists. They are murderers and cowards and all the verbal contortions of the anti-American, pro-Islamist media will not change that truth.

As one could expect, Cox & Forkum have a clear and concise view of the PC media’s tacit support of and attempts to cover for the terrorists.

They close their post by quoting this piercing question, found in the recent WSJ op/ed, The Children of Beslan

Post-9/11, there were those who “explained” the attacks by blaming U.S. policy in the Mideast as behind the “desperation” of the hijackers. After the Madrid bombings, half the Spanish electorate effectively blamed their nation’s participation in the war in Iraq by voting out the government that supported the U.S. In the wake of every suicide bombing in Israel, that country’s policy on Palestinians is deemed responsible in many quarters, especially in Europe. Post-Beslan, who is prepared to blame the children?

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