The Beslan School Memorial
Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Death Wish Dear Comrade Chechen Partizan,
Comrade, have you lost your fucking mind? Now you have given Criminal Putin a free hand. Hundreds dead? In a school? Women and children? It seems that the Russian army screwed up the rescue operation. So they will fire a few generals.
And then?
Putin can flatten Chechnya tomorrow and no one will blink.
Because he is not Arial Sharon; nor is he George Bush. And you are not Palestinian.
Perhaps you don't understand the rules. As Yogi Berra might say: "Ninety percent of the world's problems are America's fault; the other half are Israel's."
Tomorrow, if Yassir Arafat has a hangnail, or Palestinian prisoners won't eat their food, or the IDF enters a Palestinian office without knocking, there will be Hell to pay, all over the planet. UN resolutions will fly. Euro diplomats will fly. Al Jazeera will run video of the atrocity 24 by 7.
If the Americans arrest four hundred Iraqi fighters, headlines follow. More editorials and self-righteous denunciations of America. And foreigners won't like it either.
Suppose the Russians nuke Grozny. Do you think anyone will care? You aren't Palestinian. You are Sudanese.
Best fraternal Socialist regards,Posted by Commissar at September 5, 2004 08:47 AM TraktorBack (4) Right On Red linked with Bloggers React to Besla (roundup) on Sep 07 The LLama Butchers linked with Back to School Day for the Terrorists on Sep 06 In Search of Utopia linked with Today's Instaprop Goes to The Commissar on Sep 05 Grim's Hall linked with Beautiful, Comrade on Sep 05
Best fraternal Socialist regards,
Is that Communist for, "It's been nice knowing you"?Extracted from: McGehee at September 5, 2004 09:32 AM
Da! We crush their tiny Canadien heads!Extracted from: TC-LeatherPenguin at September 5, 2004 11:00 AM
Comrade Commissar, I said it before and am repeating it often and even stronger now, to those who did this and those behind it: Poshol v pizdu; et V grobu ya tebya vidal! Not quite right, but close enough for an English keyboard. If you have not read it is bar none the best coverage of this horror. And it is a horror far beyond what the Western media is reporting. Extracted from: Laughing Wolf at September 5, 2004 11:29 AM
Its a truley horrible situation and shows the greater vulnerability of all the worlds children when terrorists are appeased. Extracted from: Comrade Jane at September 5, 2004 02:52 PM
The question is not "have you lost your f**king minds?" but rather "who hired you?".
And frankly, after being offline for a week, only webloggers care about Arial Sharon/George Bush/Yassir Arafat/dieting Palestinian prisoners.
Russian hostage taking has been splashed all over the non-blog news all over the planet. I don't know what's going on with the Capitalist Western media you read, but the Western media where i am are reporting the horror to it's fullest ratings attainable extent.Extracted from: Chechen Partizan at September 5, 2004 05:35 PM
Partisan, I think you misunderstand. He is saying that there will be no coverage when the inevitable response comes. There will be no demonstrations around the world protesting the bombings of Chechnya.Extracted from: DigitalDjigit at September 5, 2004 06:20 PM
Dear DigitalDjigit
I think it is you who misunderstand. There may be no more demonstrations ever but if Grozny were nuked there most certainly would be Western media coverage. And spectacular coverage at that.
Do you not remember the milage Chernobyl provided? Oh yes, the glorious free Western press would be covering it 24 by 7 even as it's intrepid on site journalists succumb to radiation sickness.Extracted from: Chechen Partizan at September 6, 2004 08:45 AM
The coverage of Chernobyl was because the western media's fawning support for neo-Stalinist totalitarianism was outweighed by their antipathy toward nuclear power. Even though no nuclear power plants in the U.S. were anything like those at Chernobyl, the media had the opportunity to shriek, "See!? See!? This is what's gonna happen to every single nuclear power plant everywhere!"
That said, I have to agree with Chech. Glassing the place would be a hard story not to cover. "Russian authorities said this area had not previously been settled because the technology didn't previously exist to make it habitable by good Russian citizens. They caution, however, that much work remains to be done before colonization can begin."Extracted from: McGehee at September 6, 2004 11:28 AM
Partizan, I think you misunderstand the ironic nature of the post. Of course the media will cover a nuclear bombing of Chechnya, it was just hyperbole. The point still stands.Extracted from: DigitalDjigit at September 6, 2004 05:10 PM
Consider this post included in the memorial. I apologize ahead of time for the rant I'm about to go on. Please don't send me to Syberia.
There are murders and slayings going on around the globe. The kids murdered by an Al Qaida sponsored group of Chechens in Beslan is the tip of the iceburg. The bleeding cherry on top of putrified flesh flavored ice-cream you might say.
It is happening in and around Chechnya. It is happeining in the Sudan. If we, the U.S. conducting near constant "drills" around Taiwan (for olympiads see: Chinese Taipei) we would be seeing it there too. We do not hear about the 20,000 beaten, raped, and murdered in the Sudan and all the UN or, as the article talks about, the Arab League does is say STOP or we'll cut off aid to the people that are already dying and say STOP in a harsher voice.
We hear about how horrible the Israelis are for retaliating after the near completely supported Palestinian terrorists (not the citizens, jut the terrorists) blow up busses, or strap 6 year old kids to bomb belts.Extracted from: Jeremy at September 6, 2004 08:31 PM
"Hundreds dead? In a school? Women and children?"
Be fair, Comrade Commisar. The "hundreds" was an accident. The operation was long and thoroughly planned to catch over a thousand victims in there and it succeeded. There was also very extensive planning and pre-positioning of equipment for massacre, and no planning and preparation whatever for there be any survivors.
The brothel that occurred was actually fantastic luck compared to what was set up, that is an Auschwitz in microcosm, with Russian children. Nothing was lacking, and least of all cruelty. Only luck and competence failed.
This is war to the knife. In power, pace and intensity, it is much less than the Great Patriotic War, because Russia is ruined and the new Arab way of war is slow. But now we see finally and truly the spirit of the enemy. And they are no less evil than the Nazis. And if they are not beaten, they will be no less deadly in the long run.
Russia must win.
Whatever it takes.Extracted from: Konstantin Maskirovka at September 7, 2004 05:32 AM
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