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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
  Butchers Filed under: Religious Freedom Islamism— Jason Hayes @ 11:29 am
I am not familiar enough with the situation in Chechnya to fully comprehend the history behind the hostage taking in Belsan, Russia. I don’t doubt that Russian activities in the area over the past 70+ years have provoked a good deal of anger in the Chechen and Inghushetian populations. The ongoing conflict there is very likely taking on a Hatfields and McCoys tone as one and then the other side ups the ante. There may even have originally been a good reason for rebelling against Russia and seeking to be a separate country. Once again, I don’t know the history of the conflict well enough to comment on it.

However, I do know, and can state without hesitation, that any group which targets children and unarmed civilians are cowards and weaklings. I don’t care how noble their original cause may have once been. Furthermore, any person (and I use that term very loosely) that would open fire with fully automatic weapons on unarmed women and children, who were weak and disoriented from spending several days in a stifling gymnasium - without food or water - and who were fleeing from the area, is a butcher.

These Chechen “rebels” (or should I say Islamist murderers? - UPDATE 12:10 pm ABC radio news reports have described “some of the hostage takers as ‘Arab’ “) have given up any right to be classified as honorable soldiers or warriors. They are cowards and sub-human scum.

These are the kinds of people who make an Old Testament style stoning seem like a real good idea. At the very least, one hopes that the Russian authorities will hunt down and kill every single one of these scum.

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